Alaska’s Beloved Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

There’s a good chance you and your family members have been positively impacted by Alaskan charities. Educational, charitable, veteran-based, civic, and religious benefactors; from youth programs to shelters, emergency services to food kitchens, fraternal organizations to after school programs, kennel clubs to home builders, all Alaskans prosper from the charitable gaming industry.

Charitable Gaming’s Crucial Value to Alaskans

Charitable gaming is integral to Alaska, from the direct support it provides to myriad non-profit charitable organizations, to the vital services, infrastructure, and staffing charitable gaming proceeds subsidize and fund.

Over $35 million is raised annually for Alaskan non-profits and charities through charitable gaming, with approximately 66% or $23 million, raised in the Anchorage region.

The State of Alaska Department of Revenue’s Tax Division reports that in 2018 there were 1,091 permittees, 169 vendors, and 25 operators. In concert, this represents thousands of employees, many of whom have families, and tens of millions of dollars of proceeds for charitable purposes and causes that protect and support Alaskans.

About ACGA

The Alaska Charitable Gaming Alliance (ACGA) was formed in November 2019.

ACGA is a voice for the charitable gaming industry in Alaska. We represent non-profit charity members, their boards and benefactors, the businesses and staff operating in the trade, and members of Alaskan communities within which charitable gaming occurs.

ACGA’s website and social media content include information, data, and statistics from government, industry, and media sources on charitable gaming in Alaska.

Why Casinos Harm
Non-Profits and Charities

Opening casinos and poker rooms in Alaska would devastate the charitable gaming industry, ultimately robbing millions and millions of dollars away from beloved advocacies and non-profit organizations that help Alaskans every day of the year. The potential for addiction, accompanying drugs, abuse and increase crime are not worth the risk to Alaska.

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