The Positive Impacts
of Charitable Gaming in Alaska

46 million invested back to Alaska from Utqiaġvik to Adak.

The State of Alaska Department of Revenue maintains and reports annual charitable gaming statistics, including permit holders, revenue, taxes, and charitable giving.

Displayed below are revenue and source information graphs from charitable gaming activities in Alaska in 2018 from the State of Alaska as indicated above.

These charts illustrate the magnitude of revenue and support given to non-profits from charitable gaming throughout Alaska. It’s making a huge difference for hundreds of thousands of people.


Anchorage area charitable gaming was 23 million of the 35 million raised for Alaska.

Alaska Charitable Gaming including Annual Gaming Reports up to 2018:
How many permits issued, what types of organizations hold them?

How much do organizations raise from Charitable Gaming?

How much is raised by each gaming type?


How much does the State of Alaska collect from the Charitable Gaming Program?

Our Strong Points

Charitable Gaming 2018 Annual Report, How much is raised by each game type? 

  • Charitable
  • Civic or Service
  • Educational
  • Indian Reorganization Act’/Native Village
  • Veterans

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